• MAIA Melbourne (map)
  • 161 Harbour Esplanade
  • Docklands, VIC, 3008
  • Australia

It's a Tuesday, at 3pm and you're stuck at your cluttered desk, day dreaming about how your life would be if you were that superhero you always wanted to be growing up. You see yourself fighting the enemy, ridiculously fit, kissing babies and saving lives, constantly inspired to do and be better. What a dream, huh?

What if we told you that this could be your reality for that not so dull anymore Tuesday night and beyond thanks to the first, annual, charity INSPIRE NIGHT?!*

Hear from real life superheros as they share their stories of resilience, passion and downright determination to live anything but a mediocre life and, above all, be Inspired to live YOUR best life by these people who are doing it themselves despite the odds being stacked against them. We'll be annoucing all of our speakers, contributors and entertainers via the Challenge On Purpose social media platforms so make sure you like and follow to stay up to date!

Hosted by Challenge On Purpose, the brand spankin' new foundation aiming to bring together groups of people to take on physical and mental challenges thought to impossible (only due to the limits people place on themselves...why do we do that?!) for a cause tackling issues close to their hearts, INSPIRE NIGHT will be like no other charity event you've experienced before. Trust us!

Co-founders, Amy Savage and Ben Pettingil, are heading up the first Challenge On Purposes mission; to trek the Kokoda Track in September 2017 and raise $50,000 for Seed Foundation Australia in doing so. This mission holds two meanings for both Amy and Ben; 1. It is the 75th year anniversary since the WWII battles of Kokoda and those who served for our freedom should forever be honoured and 2. Seed Foundation Australia creates pathways for Indigenous Australians to study in and enter the Australian Health Care Industry which changes the tradjectory of the futures for many children living in remote communities. THIS. IS. SO. IMPORTANT!

This mission has shaped the theme of INSPIRE NIGHT, where Australian War History and experiences meets the future possibilities for Indigenous Australians. Where people come together to honour those who have gone before us and served for our 'Australian Dream' whilst recognising that our first people are a priority and our future is nothing without working together to shape better opportunities and possibilities for EVERYONE, especially our Indegenous and Torres Strait Islander youth.

An immersive, cultural experience that will tantelise all of your senses, INSPIRE NIGHT has been carefully crafted to do three things:

1. Make you laugh, cry and make a difference.
2. Raise $50,000 for Seed Foundation Australia and,

So, in a nutshell, here is INSPIRE NIGHT:

WHEN: Tuesday 5th September 2017
WHERE: MAIA, Shed 14, 161 Harbour Esplanade, Docklands VIC 3008
TIME: 6.00pm 'til late
TICKETS**: $96 each (inc. booking fees) which is $1 for each kilometre Ben and Amy will walk of the Papua New Guinean jungle!
get yourself a VIP ticket for $192 each (inc. booking fees) to receive priority front section seating, a goody bag of our sponsors products and vouchers, a Ben Pettingill USB full of his content PLUS 8 Raffle Tickets in the INSPIRE NIGHT raffle. This ticket is valued at over $400 but can be yours for only $2 per kilometer Ben and Amy wil walk in PNG!
INCLUDES: Food and drinks.
FEATURES: Live Music and Entertainment, Inspirational Speakers, Lucky Door Prizes, Raffle, Silent Auction, Live Auction and more!

HUGE shout out to our venue partner, Atlantic Group. Their generosity is ensuring this event can happen and creates endless opportunities for world class events of ours to be hosted here time and time again. Check them out!


*We do not gaurantee that your fitness levels will change overnight and there will be no kissing babies. That's just weird.
**Sorry, the event is only for people 18 years or older.